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Wellcham Used Car Co. LTD

1-19-24 Ogami, Ayase-shi,

Kanagawa-ken 252-1104

Tel: 0467-77-5427

Tel: 0467-81-4062
Fax: 0467-55-5407

Cell Ph: 090-4136-6234

Message received.

2 locations near

Atsugi Naval Air Base, Japan.


Our Main Location

Is located on the west side of the base  (5min walking distance). If you're coming from inside Atsugi Naval Air Base turn left coming out the gate and you will see the Wellchams at the next traffic signal.  Just look where the big orange electric tower is.

Our Second Location

Is located directly in front of Atsugi Naval Air Base main gate (less than a 1min walking distance).

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